This month, June 2017, we welcomed our 4,000th church app customer into the Custom Church Apps family. That’s 4,000 churches and ministries leveraging technology to connect and communicate with their congregations throughout the week.

Here are a few comments we’ve received from our customers:

Love this company, so glad I found it! You guys are the best!!!!”
– Hannah Murphy (Forever Loved Ministries)

“We continually get amazing feedback from our church, on how our Custom Church App has helped them stay connected to Planetshakers Church throughout the week. Many of our church attendees use the app daily! I personally recommend Custom Church Apps to all my pastor friends.”
– Russell Evans (Planetshakers)

“We’re so grateful we ended up working with you, we honestly couldn’t have of asked for a better experience or a better result.”
– Presence Conference

Why are church apps working so well for our clients?  We have a few theories…

1) Building a custom app with us takes 60 seconds or less

Not only is building an app a fast process, but you can also try it out for 30 days for free without signing a contract.  Our Customer Console is a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to customize your app without requiring any programming or developer knowledge.

2) We offer a variety of interactive widgets

We mean it when we say you can create a custom app for your church.  Our customers can create custom app screens, include blogs and event lists, share sermons via a podcast, develop fill-in-the-blank sermon notes, upload testimonies, and more.

3) We’re constantly innovating and improving

We recently released a significant update to our Customer Console, adding several new features to make presenting custom content to your congregation even easier.

We welcome input from our customers and look forward to regularly incorporating their feedback into future updates.

Thank you to all our customers for trusting Custom Church Apps!  We’re honored to be part of how your ministry leverages technology to stay connected throughout the week.