One of the challenges in hosting church events is getting the word out about the event. Your custom mobile app is a helpful tool in spreading the word and getting people excited about attending. Here are a few ways to get started:

1) Add the event to your app

From the mobile app console, add this event to your Event List.  Include plenty of details about the event so people know what to expect.  You can also upload any graphics you’ve created for the event along with images people can share on social media to invite their friends.

2) Create an app screen for the event

Another way to highlight an event is to create a specific screen within your app dedicated to that event.   Within the mobile app console, select “Content”, “+ add”, and then “App Screen.”  You can include a banner image, videos, and more to let people know what you have planned.

3) Send push notifications

Send out a notification to remind people of the early bird registration discount, how to sign up to volunteer at the event, and when to pick up their event tickets (if needed).  Make sure you include any relevant links with these notifications so people can quickly click on the link and follow-through right away.

4) Share event announcement videos

Maybe your communications team got really creative with the event announcement video and you want to make sure more people see and share it.  Post the video within the event listing or in the custom app screen you made for the event.

These are just a handful of ideas for how to promote your next event through your custom church app. Planning events isn’t easy, but your app is useful tool to make communicating future events easier.